How to Help

Something is not working for boys, but there is not much in the way of support for boys’ literacy.

– Form a father-son or parent-son book club. Be a model for how to read a book and talk about it.

– Let boys know that magazines, newspapers, websites, biographies, comic books, and graphic novels are all reading material.

– Men, read with your boys. Talk about reading. Let boys see you reading. Acting as a positive, literate role model is the single most important thing you can do to help boys read.

Volunteer to be role-model in the Guys Read program.

Volunteer to Read

Sign on to read to kids for 20 minutes during lunchtime once or twice a week. We read at every school twice a week for four weeks.

– Read as often as you want.

– School staff will be present at all readings.

– Attend an hour-long training program to learn about the program and the books.

– Help with activities at the end-of-program parties at the public library.

Financial Donations

– We budget $500 for each of the 18 public schools here for Guys Read or Gals Read programming (The cost is less when 3 or fewer school are involved).

– GR2 is funded entirely with private donations.

– Most of the program budget purchases books for the schools and to give the boys and girls who attend the end-of-program party.

Spread the Word

– Tell others about how the GR2 approach works.

– Direct parents, librarians, and teachers to this website to learn more.

– Share the popular books used by the GR2 programs

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