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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Guys Read! Our volunteers have found their involvement in this program to be fun and rewarding! The following information is needed to develop a contact list and schedule of who reads, what book they read, when they read and where they read. It will not be shared with any other organization or used for any other purpose. Please print neatly.


Today’s date: ————————————————-

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The Program Schedule

Guys Read consists of two sessions each school year, usually two weeks in mid-October and to weeks in late January. Guys Read parties will be held on two Saturdays at Noel Wien Library.


Reader’s Scheduling Information

1) Reading times are scheduled during the 4th grade 30 minute lunchtime. These vary, falling between 11:15 AM – 1:15 PM. Most volunteers read twice per week. Please circle the days you prefer/are available to read.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

2) Please indicate any days, dates or times that you cannot read (unavailable, vacation, etc.)

3) Please indicate if there is a specific time you prefer to read

4) Geographical/travel issues: the Guys Read program is being offered in all 18 Borough elementary schools! Please check all areas/schools that you can travel to:

Downtown and central Fairbanks area schools

West Fairbanks / UAF area schools

Weller Elementary (~ mile 3 Chena Hot Springs Road)

Arctic Light Elementary (on Ft. Wainwright)

North Pole area schools (Central North Pole and two on Badger Road)

Two Rivers Elementary (mile 18.3 Chena Hot Springs Road)

Crawford Elementary (on Eielson AFB ~ 25 miles southeast of downtown Fairbanks)

Salcha Elementary School (40 miles southeast of downtown Fairbanks)

Our biggest challenge in scheduling readers is the “remote” schools, especially Two Rivers, Salcha, and the North Pole/Eielson area schools.

In addition to your preferences above, please note here if you would be willing to travel to a remote school (we understand if your schedule doesn’t allow this):

0 – not able 1 time 2 times 3 times 4 or more times

____ I have a flexible schedule and am willing/able to be a floater (fill in for other readers on short notice).

Rotating the readers requires complicated scheduling, but when possible we try to pair readers who enjoy working together.

Name of another volunteer you’d like to team with (if applicable):

Thanks for Volunteering!!

Guys Read Committee Chairman: Greg, 479-4344

Applications may be mailed to:
P.O. Box 196
Ester, AK 99725