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The purpose of Guys Read Gals Read, Inc. is to show children that reading is fun, and that many adults enjoy reading. When they read for fun, they’re more likely to read seriously and skillfully. To help foster lifelong reading, Guys and Gals Read exposes children to an array of books that are age appropriate and pleasurable to read.


What is the problem we’re trying to solve?

Research has shown that there is a literacy achievement gap between boys and girls, and that many children, and most boys, stop reading for pleasure around grade 4. A number of elements contribute to the problem: lack of reader role models and books at home, differences in brain development, and too little exposure to entertaining books in general.

The Guys Read Gals Read approach makes fun, kid-friendly books more readily available, and provides a variety of great adult reader role models.

“Throughout the United States and the industrial world, boys are behind girls in literacy testing and grades. The boys’ “literacy gap” in the U.S., as revealed by standardized testing, is two to three times larger than the girls’ gap in math/science. That is how significant this gap has become.” Dr. Michael Gurian, co-founder of the Gurian Institute and author of Boys and Girls Learn Differently

What is our approach?

Visit schools during 4th grade lunchtime;
Read well-written, heavily illustrated, kid-friendly books;
Project the pages and use laser pointers to show where we’re reading;
Read only the first part of each book;
Donate copies of the featured books to the school libraries;
Hold program parties at the public library (featuring games, food, and books) to expose non-library-using families to modern library services.

Why Graphic Novels Matter?

Pictures help readers understand the story’s context;
Comics are a proven method of attracting non-readers;
Vocabulary in graphic novels is often more demanding 4th grade graphic novels are usually on the 6th grade vocabulary level, or higher;
Illustrations can make for a fun reading experience;
Reading for fun promotes vocabulary and reading skills.

For more information about how comics help promote reading skills and interest.

9 Reasons Why Kids Need Comics and Graphic Novels.

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