Volunteer to Read

Sign on to read to kids for 20 minutes during lunchtime once or twice a week during the two weeks of programming in the fall and again in the winter.

It’s short: A couple readings a week over two weeks.

It’s convenient: It happens over the lunch hour, and most volunteers can get to their school, read, and return to work within an hour.

It’s gratifying: Seeing the kids light up with interest over the books is a satisfying experience.

It’s easy: No prior experience required.

It’s Fun!

Volunteer Registration Form

Make a Donation

Guys Read Gals Read, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit and is funded entirely with private donations, the majority of which go towards purchasing new books for public school libraries.

A number of local businesses also provide in-kind support, discounts, gift cards, and coupons.

Spread the Word

– Tell others about how the Guys Read Gals Read approach works:
– Read heavily-illustrated, age-appropriate books
– During lunchtime, and
– Project the pages.

–Suggest parents, librarians, and teachers check out the Guys Read Gals Read website and Facebook page to learn more.