Click on a video below to read and listen to a fun story! Be sure to check back often! More books are coming soon!

Hints for Watching:

  • Pause the video at any point to spend more time looking at a page
  • Use “full screen” for easier viewing
  • Remember, you can get all these books from your school library!

    Remember, this is just the beginning! Ask your school librarian for the book so you can read the ending! (Not sure how to ask your librarian? There are lots of ways! Call or email them, or place book reservations online. Mrs. Zayon at Pearl Creek Elementary School has a tutorial at the bottom of her page here!

    Meet the authors of your favorite stories! Check out their websites with the links below!

    Mouse Guard

    Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    Hi-Lo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth

    Star Gazing

    130-Story Treehouse

    Desmond Pucket

    Check out these fun crafts available from David Petersen, the creator of Mouseguard!