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About us

We are a local nonprofit in Fairbanks Alaska that provides 4th grade students with lunchtime readings of great stories. We believe that every child should be helped to be successful through improved literacy skills and access to the resources available at libraries. Working together with the school district, children’s librarians, and an army of dedicated volunteers, our mission is to unleash children’s inner readers by presenting reading as fun and exciting.

To read more about why kids stop reading and what we can do about it, click here!

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Want to volunteer?

We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic readers to work directly with the kids in our program. If you love reading and want to help out, we’d love to hear from you!

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Choose your level of involvement, from a one time donation to purchase a book to a regular sponsor for an entire school. Everything helps!

Hear more from our students, teachers, and others!

“I hope you come again. Also, I really enjoyed all the books you read to us. Thank you.”

— Nordale Elementary, 4th grade guy

“Loved it. Looooved it. Definitely sign me up for next year.”

— Barnette Elementary, Volunteer Reader

“Can we read some more next week? Pleeeease?”

— Pearl Creek Elementary, 4th grade gal