Most children enjoy reading up to a point.  One of the greatest
indicators of future success in school, work, and life is if students
read for pleasure.  However, many boys stop reading for the fun of it
in grades 3 and 4.  They still read for school, but only when they
have to.

There are several reasons for this lack of interest in pleasure
reading.  Most boys lack adult male role models who are avid readers.
More importantly, many lose exposure to books that they find enjoyable
in grades 3 and 4.

4th grade boys and girls differ markedly in the sorts of books they
find appealing.  At this age, the girls’ brains are maturing faster
than the boys’.  The girls are drawn to books that deal with character
development and how relationships evolve.  Boys want books that are
funny, exciting, or outrageous.  They also prefer that the story’s
central character be vague enough for them to easily project
themselves into the character’s adventures.


Graphic literature, i.e. “comics,” allow even the lowest level readers
to enjoy the full Guys Read experience. Studies have shown that
reading comics develops vocabulary and comprehension skills, and
reading the text in graphic literature utilizes the same major areas
of the brain as reading unillustrated text.

For Guys Read Gals Read purposes, the most important thing is that comics also
allow a broader range of boys to consider themselves recreational
readers. We’re convinced that it will help make life-long readers of
many boys who’d otherwise grow up without the advantages of being an
active reader.

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